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Healthy Youth,
Healthy Tomorrow;
Youth Summit 

The Healthy Youth, Healthy Tomorrow: Youth Summits aim to empower students with a heightened awareness regarding the importance of healthy lifestyle choices, disease prevention, and organ donation.  The Youth Summits educate minority youth in the Greater Cleveland area in nutrition and wellness, body and kidney health, and organ/tissue donation and transplantation. Interactive breakout sessions with health professionals including nutritionists, fitness instructors, and doctors/nurses, provide teens with comprehensive information to help students prevent the onset of kidney failure and related chronic illnesses such as diabetes and hypertension.


Community  Outreach

Cleveland MOTTEP consistently engages in community events to raise awareness about organ and tissue transplants, nutrition and wellness programs, preventive care for chronic diseases, and organ donation registration. Through the distribution of pamphlets, flyers, and informative materials, we provide valuable information, address inquiries, and facilitate the distribution and acceptance of donor registration cards. This proactive involvement in community events serves to educate, inform, and encourage individuals to consider and register for organ donation, contributing to greater awareness and potential life-saving contributions.

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