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Importance of Multicultural Communities in Donation and Transplantation

Did you know?

Transplants can be successful regardless of the ethnicity of the donor and recipient. However, the chance of longer-term survival may be greater if the donor and recipient are closely matched in terms of their shared genetic background


More than 100,000 people are waiting for lifesaving organs 


Nearly 60% of the national transplant waiting list are from multicultural communities

28% African Americans

22% Hispanic/Latinx 9% Asian Pacific Islander

<1% American Indian/Alaska Nativ

1 Donor can save up to 8 lives

Restore sight to 2 people

Heal more than 75 people with their tissue

8 min

Every 8 minutes ANOTHER person is added to the waiting list 

1 Donor

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APOL1- Mediated Kidney Disease (AMKD)

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