Teen Summits: Cleveland MOTTEP executes two Teen Summits each year, one in the Spring and one in the Fall. Each summit is a full day of programming designed for over 150 youth to be educated on the importance of organ and tissue donation, transplantation, body and kidney health, healthy lifestyle choices and healthy decision making. 

Community Outreach: Word of mouth is a major form of information dissemination. MOTTEP regularly participates in community events promoting organ and tissue transplant awareness, nutrition and wellness programming, chronic disease preventative care and organ donation registration. Pamphlets, flyers and other information are circulated, questions are answered and donor registration cards are distributed and accepted.

Donor Drive Program:. This program is designed to raise awareness about organ donation and to increase donor registrations. The donor education program is implemented by community educators at least 16- 20 hours per week. This program has registered numerous new donor registrants and touched thousands of people with information regarding healthy lifestyles, and answering organ donation questions.