Cleveland MOTTEP is a program that promotes education and awareness in the greater Cleveland Minority population about organ and tissue donation, transplantation, and issues that are related to disease prevention and wellness. MOTTEP of Cleveland uses a community-based approach, with ethnically similar messengers to dispel the myths and misconceptions that prevent minorities from participating in this life-giving and lifesaving procedure.


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1,700 people in need in Northeast Ohio



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Getting vaccinated protects you, your family, your friends, and your community – especially protecting those at risk of severe complications from COVID-19 or the flu. But it only works if you get your shot.

Make a difference by being the difference! Start by learning more about the vaccines. Get the facts… then get your shot.

Lean on us for support. If you have any questions about the shots or would like help scheduling your appointment, please contact our vaccine education program coordinator at at (216) 229-1100 x245.----to (216) 658-0727


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